Checking the resistance of silicone joints



The customer manufactures equipment that has silicone joints. To offer more information to his clients, he wants to study in what acidity range of the water his joints are maintained without deterioration.


Define and carry out a test whose objective is to study the wear of silicones.

Solución ATRIA

A brief bibliographical search was carried out to select the lower pH limit with which to carry out silicone wear tests. For the tests, artificial water was used, controlling the hardness, pH, temperature and immersion time of the silicone joint in the water. A resistance test was carried out to define the temperature of the test.
The heating test was carried out, evaluating the appearance of the joint every 8 hours; however, no evidence of degradation of the silicone joint was observed after more than 150 hours of testing.
Some of the dissolved salts in the water adhered to the silicone surface but were easily removed by washing with deionized water.