Forensic Engineering

We find the root of your problem and the perfect solution thanks to our forensic engineering team.

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The importance of Forensic Engineering for Quality

At ATRIA, we understand that quality failures can have serious consequences in an industrial process or commercial product. Therefore, we specialize in identifying the root causes of problems and providing customized solutions tailored to each one. In our field, this area is known as Forensic Engineering, but it is also referred to as quality failure analysis


Forensic engineering that adapts to your problems

We specialize in forensic engineering, a discipline that enables us to uncover the root cause of any failure in raw materials, products, or industrial processes.

With our laboratory capabilities, we can conduct customized studies on each type of failure. Our goal is to determine its origin and gather all the necessary information to provide an effective solution.

Recognizing that each client has unique needs, we offer a flexible and adaptable service. If we don’t find a method or test that suits your case, we’ll develop one for you

Our forensic engineering process

We take your problem as our own. That is why we study each case from the beginning. Our aim is to find the source of the fault by gathering as much information as possible.

We follow the following steps to select the best tests and techniques to solve your problem.

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Forensic engineering for continuous improvement and competitiveness

Forensic engineering is a powerful tool that helps us to solve industrial problems.

Its aim is not only to detect failures, but also to improve products, optimise processes and increase competitiveness.



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