Microstructures for the creation of new functionalities in your materials

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A new way to improve material properties

Thanks to microstructures, we can impart functionality to a material that it did not originally possess. For example, we can make a material self-cleaning or antibacterial without adding any coating or chemical agent.

At ATRIA, we design and manufacture microstructures that enhance the properties of any material. We are committed to the development of this technology, as we believe it is the future of industrial functionalization.

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Microstructuring techniques in materials

The industrial microstructuring process of materials allows us to modify material properties at a microscopic scale. This can be achieved through various techniques, which we tailor to the needs of each application.

What is functional microstructuring?

Functional microstructuring is the solution to enhance the properties of your material. Through two phases, we can create patterns or structures at the micro level on the surface of your material to make it stronger, more resistant, or absorbent.

We leverage our expertise in laser technology and structure transfer methods such as IMM or R2R, enabling the process to be conducted on an industrial scale.

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Our laboratory equipment

In our laboratory, we have an extensive range of equipment to perform all kinds of microstructuring analyses.

Applications of microstructure

By altering the surface structure of a material, we can achieve highly useful applications. The possibilities of functional microstructuring are expanding, and at ATRIA, we are always at the forefront to bring this technology closer to your projects in the industry.



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