We study the properties of materials to understand how they behave in different situations. This way, we can find the perfect materials for each need.

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How do we characterise the materials?

We use our characterisation laboratory to study the properties and behaviour of any material, from its strength to its chemical composition.

This information is essential for developing new materials and improving existing materials. It helps us understand how materials work and how we can exploit their properties to create innovative products and applications.


Materials science

We collaborate with our clients to gain a deeper understanding of the materials that make up their products using advanced characterization techniques.

We understand that each challenge is unique, so we advise you on the most suitable analyses to solve your problems and interpret the results obtained.

Our goal is to provide you with applicable and useful results that help you make decisions and innovate in your sector.

Our materials characterisation process

Based on our experience, we assist our clients in selecting the most suitable characterization techniques for their products and issues, ranging from basic to advanced characterization.

Once the characterization is done, we help interpret the results to enhance the product or process. This not only provides a more efficient path to problem resolution but also allows for exploring new perspectives in optimizing processes or products through detailed knowledge of the materials involved.

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Our laboratory equipment

We have specialized equipment to characterize and understand the properties of your material or product.

With optical characterization, we can magnify and examine the structures of materials and their surfaces down to the smallest detail.
Physical measurements are an essential tool to thoroughly understand the properties of a material or system. With them, we can evaluate characteristics such as strength, hardness, porosity, viscosity, color, etc.
Chemical characterization helps us uncover the secrets of materials. With it, we can identify and quantify the elements that make up a substance, as well as its structure and properties.
In addition to the usual characterization techniques, there are other techniques that can be very interesting to thoroughly understand the materials of a product or process.

Applications of advanced materials characterisation

Advanced material characterization allows us to thoroughly understand the properties and behaviors of materials. This is essential for creating efficient, durable, and safe products.

With these techniques, designers and manufacturers can optimize the design of their products and improve their production processes. They can also assess the material’s condition before and after subjecting it to extreme conditions, such as accelerated aging.



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