Who we are

Who we are

Flexibility, reliability and happiness to solve your industrial needs.

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Our purpose defines us

We are here for you when you need it. If you lack time, knowledge, or a business solution, we can help.

We understand that your day-to-day is complex, so we take care of your project with dedication and commitment.

We offer you peace of mind, expertise, and confidence in our results.

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Reasons to work with ATRIA

We develop projects for manufacturers such as OEMs, component suppliers from various TIERs, and also for other auxiliary services in the automotive industry.


We commit to being your technological allies so that your industrial company becomes more efficient and competitive. We adapt to your needs and guarantee maximum quality.

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We aim to be the leading company in solving industrial problems, creating a working environment where everyone is part of the team.

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Our Identity

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Our awards

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Industrial solutions for companies worldwide

We are cross-cutting, we are global. We help companies improve their productivity and efficiency, regardless of their size or location. Our solutions are applied in factories and businesses across all sectors.

We have worked with clients in Spain, Germany, Italy, France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Greece, Poland, Slovenia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Colombia, and the United States.



Your success is our goal. We want to be your partner in the development of your projects, leveraging the power of innovation, flexibility, and the trust we provide. Together, we make a difference through new technologies.

Contact us and let’s build the future together!

Work at ATRIA

We believe that change happens when people from different disciplines and perspectives come together to solve the problems that affect us all.

That’s why we are looking for talented and committed individuals who want to contribute their efforts to improve the society we live in.

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Working for a better world

We work to create a sustainable business that benefits everyone. We aspire to grow economically, promote social progress, and protect the environment. We are committed to sustainable development and social responsibility.


We are a team of highly qualified individuals

We are a team of experts passionate about industrial innovation, committed to excellence, and the success of our clients.

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