Laser vs Pad-Printing


Laser marking is sometimes called “laser screen printing”, “laser printing” or even “laser pad printing”, but the truth is laser technology has nothing to do with these traditional technics. Some of you have asked us about the advantages of laser over others, as pad printing or screen printing, and we want to share with all of you in this post the answer to this question.
Laser marking is all digital, but what does this means? First of all means that work tools as screens or molds are not needed. The design is sent in a CAD through software to the machine; this is much more flexible, especially when changes or personalization wants to be performed in the design.
Chemical products such as inks, paints or solvents are not required either, and neither are curing or drying steps. Whereby, the whole marking process is accelerated.
laser vs. Tampografía pad printing
Therefore, execution speed and versatility are two main characteristics of laser technology. Designs can be adapted or modified in short-time without production line jams or long curing/ drying stages.
When it comes to the geometry of the object that wants to be marked, it is noteworthy that not only flat surfaces can be marked, also curved surfaces and 3D object are markable. Only an appropriate working station and multi-axes system are required.
So, what materials can be marked? There is a wide range of options: aluminium, stainless steel, ceramics, wood, glass, plastics or textiles, for instance.
According to aesthetical quality of the design, the level of detail and precision is much higher than what traditional technics offer, even with high speeds of production. Although in this case, the colour palette is restricted.
Production can be automatized to mark serial numbers, QR codes, manufacturing dates, and other technical details, data or information.
So remember, digitalization is here! No more screens, solvents, curing, automatize your production, and make it simple!
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