Thermochromic for Nescafé campaign

We accompanied DEC BBDO in its campaign for Nescafé ‘Decaffeine only with water’ through smart thermochromic materials in supermarkets and malls.


Objetive. Create an impact campaign through materials

DEC BBDO asked us to create a WoW effect through materials on a stand for a Nescafé promotional event in shopping centers. The goal was for the sign to visually show that their decaffeinated coffee is decaffeinated with just water and no chemicals are used. The campaign was going to be carried out in different supermarkets and large stores. The change had to be quick and easy for users to see. One of the requirements is that the users were the ones who activated the change and that the poster could be reused.

Solution. Smart thermochromic materials as a key to success.

The solution proposed by us was to develop sheets that change color with hot water. In this way, customers in supermarkets and large stores could apply, thanks to a pressure gun, hot water and simulate the decaffeination process carried out on the coffee bean.

At ATRIA we select the thermochromic pigment and optimize the solvent for its application in the form of ink on posters. For the selection of the pigment we took into account the turning temperature, the color achieved, which had to be a specific Nescafé Pantone, its reversibility and its ease of application. We formulated the ink and prepared different prototypes to test parameters such as speed of change, reversibility and resistance. Special water resistance tests were necessary to verify that the posters could also be reused since the use given to them was very intensive over time.

The posters were in continuous use for more than two months with results in different supermarkets on the peninsula with very positive feedback from customers. We leave you the video of how the promotion was carried out in supermarkets and how our thermochromic sheets worked live: