New sports materials with graphene oxide

We selected and optimized the use of graphene oxide in sports equipment to improve performance. We carried out the analysis of mechanical improvements and product quality.


Objective. Introduce graphene into sports equipment

Nuestro cliente, un fabricante de equipamiento deportivo, quiere introducir grafeno en sus materiales para mejorar las propiedades de ligereza, resistencia y capacidad para la absorción de impactos.

Su objetivo es conocer la viabilidad de introducir el grafeno en sus materiales tanto a nivel de producción como en cuanto a costes.

Our client, a sports equipment manufacturer, would like to introduce graphene into its materials to improve lightness, resistance and impact absorption capacity properties.

Its objective is to know the viability of introducing graphene in its materials both at the production level and in terms of costs.

Solution. Use graphene oxide and incorporate it their material

The solution we proposed and developed was to use graphene oxide. This material could be mixed with our client’s material, it has very remarkable properties at a much lower cost than pure graphene.

Once the feasibility of introducing graphene oxide into their material was demonstrated, we proceeded, as a second phase of the project, to make some specimens of its material with different percentages of graphene oxide.

In this case, we formed cylindrical specimens with 3 concentrations of graphene oxide and analyzed their mechanical compression properties, obtaining the Stress (σ) – Deformation (ε) curves.

The results indicated that a very low concentration of graphene oxide allowed the mechanical behavior of the sample to be improved. Specifically, the elastic modulus of the specimen with graphene oxide was 2 times greater than that of the reference sample.