Laser technology applications -Part 1-


Laser technology is far from fiction and lightsaber duels from Star Wars movies; many applications are already developed, but furthermore, new uses and utilities are been continuously discovered. Besides common industrial uses like cutting, perforating, welding, marking and decorating numerous materials, lasers have other less-known applications. We will look at some of those applications in this post, focusing in those directly related with us, humans.
For example, non-invasive therapies and treatments have become very popular in aesthetic centres and some of these are laser-based; for instance, tattoos removal or hair depilation. ¿How are tattoos removed from skin? Well, the laser energy breaks up the ink pigments into small pieces, there are so tiny that can be absorbed by the skin and travel through the lymphatic system until they are finally expulsed from the body with urine.

Up until now, laser hair depilation was considered to be a long-term benefit treatment, it destroys the hair follicle and after some sessions hair will no longer grow in that part of your body. This concept has been revolutionized by a new razor that does not use a blade but a laser beam instead. This means that lasers will not only be used in depilation, but also for shaving. It is fast, effective and easy-to-use, this razor only needs a small battery to achieve a close shave without small cuts or abrasions. The brand new Skarp Laser Razor it is not available yet but stay stuned because it is expected to be on the market in 2016

Medical science also takes note of this technology in order to develop new and less invasive treatments for different diseases. For example, and although it is still under development, we want to introduce this innovative application of laser technology. Laser energy wants to be used as an activator of nanocapsules which contain nanodrugs. These capsules are previously introduced in the patient and will release the medicine only when a laser beam activates them. These innovative drugs will treat important diseases, as diabetes, cancer or chronic pain.
Other medical laser treatments are fully developed, for instance, the laser treatment for vitiligo disorder. This autoimmune disease has recently become popular because of a famous Spanish textile company advertising campaign. In this case, the laser stimulates melanin production in the white patches, so skin in those areas will gain colour and the whites spots will disappear.
Finally, the last application we are going to see today will for sure revolution pregnancy medical care as 3d and 4d ultrasound scans did in the past. Sensors, Instrumentation and Systems Development Center from Universidad Politécnica de Catalunya together with BCB Electronica y Control have recently patented a non-invasive laser that allows measuring blood pulse in fetuses in real time.
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Listening the blood pulse in fetuses
Injectable nanodrugs
Skarp Laser Razor



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