Interview in Aragón Radio


On December 2 we had the opportunity to participate in the Channel Entrepreneur program of Aragon Radio to speak about what we do and what is our philosophy: to help SMEs to develop products and processes thanks to new materials and technologies. We will do all the tests you need in our laboratory! Do you want to listen it? Keep reading…
During this program our colleague Elena Martinez, CEO of ATRIA Innovation, was interviewed by Carlos Espatolero. We also have one of the advisors of the Ana Hernández program who agreed with our method of doing State of the Art or ‘watching’ the other companies in the sector that are doing well serves to learn and improve.
And now if you know a little spanish you can enjoy with the podcast (spanish) 😉

Aragón Radio and the Instituto Aragonés de Fomento (IAF) promote the ‘Entrepreneur Channel’, a space that is broadcast from Monday to Friday and whose objective is to foster entrepreneurship in the community and support all initiatives aimed at implementing a project Whatever its nature.
Thank you very much for listening!
Source: Aragón Radio



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