Industrial robotics for the factories of tomorrow


Do you want to know more about industrial robotics and what are its most frequent uses? We tell you!
Today we are talking about industrial robotics and its implementation, more and more frequently, in different production processes of different sectors. This is due to the great advances that have been made in this field, allowing to automate processes that were not viable a few years ago.
The automation and optimization of processes is closely linked to large industries, but it is increasingly common for medium-sized manufacturing companies to incorporate new technologies into their processes. The cheaper hardware and software improvement allow the use of these systems by companies with less technical knowledge.
At ATRIA we like to advise our clients in the best possible way and see which of the latest technological trends best suits their needs.
Each production process has its particularities, but there are various technologies such as artificial vision, industrial robotics or specific sensorics among others that, through the appropriate combination of them, are able to adapt to each process and achieve the best possible solution. This is the basis of our philosophy of not “marrying” with specific brands of these systems, but going to a totally customized solution minimizing the generally high cost of using “popular” solutions.
Through industrial robotics can automate all kinds of processes, from bolting parts, welding or assemblies. These processes stand out for their repetitiveness or complexity and danger to the operator, so a good option is to opt for a robotic system and perform these jobs in an automated way, also improving the ergonomics of operators in many jobs.
And what happens in processes with greater difficulty or variability? In these cases, artificial vision is our greatest ally since, when combined with the use of robots, the whole is able to adapt and rectify, allowing us to use this set of systems in new areas and applications. This would not be possible without an element that we have chosen from ATRIA, and it is the inclusion of artificial intelligence systems (AI) that add to these systems an enormously useful intelligence to give robustness to the applications.



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