How do we implement laser solutions?


There are many times when companies want to incorporate new properties into their products, new production processes, or make the same product as always, but in a faster, more sustainable and high-quality way. In these cases, laser technology can be a good option to consider, and at ATRIA we help and accompany our clients at any stage of the project, from laboratory tests to factory implementation.
Next, we explain how we implement laser solutions at ATRIA, depending on the stage of each project:

Stage 1: Study of the state of the art of laser solutions

First of all, this is the most initial stage in which a project can be found. Normally, at this stage, the aim is to obtain innovative and cutting-edge results. Laser technology is pushed to the limit and new avenues of research are opened. Some that have been little studied can also be expanded.
Therefore, the study of the state of the art usually gives an idea of the degree of technical maturity that a certain application has, as well as a guide on how to carry it out. If during this study it is discovered that there is no information about what you want to do, the approach of the following stages will require further investigation to arrive at good results.
Likewise, this stage is key to knowing the technical difficulty that the application may have, and the type of laser necessary to carry it out. The more information that can be gathered at this early point in the project, the greater the chance of success for the project.Soluciones_laser_3

Stage 2: Carrying out laboratory tests to implement laser solutions

The second stage of a project for the implementation of laser solutions occurs when it goes from theory to practice. In this case, it is the step from the bibliographic search to the performance of laboratory tests.
At ATRIA Innovation we have, in our laboratory, a selection of flexible laser equipment that allows us to carry out a large number of tests on practically all materials. Thanks to these teams, we can find out if the application that our customers want is possible, or develop new functionalities in their materials.
Some of the functionalities that we can obtain are self-cleaning, hydrophobic and hydrophilic surfaces, anti-corrosion, permeability, etc; as well as various more conventional applications such as marking, stripping, cleaning or micro-perforation.This stage is essential for cases in which it has not been possible to find prior information on the viability of the laser processing to be carried out. In this way, we quickly obtain the necessary information to decide whether to continue with the next phases of the project. If the laboratory tests have been satisfactory, the following phases will continue. However, if the impossibility of achieving the expected results was seen in the tests, the project would be stopped.



Stage 3: Search and selection of commercial laser equipment

Once the tests have been carried out in the laboratory, where it has been verified or discovered if the application is feasible, the search and selection of the commercial laser equipment that best suits the needs of the application is carried out. In this case, all the information obtained during the laboratory tests is extremely valuable, allowing the search to be narrowed down significantly.
At ATRIA we have a large network of laser equipment suppliers. Therefore, we can carry out extensive searches to find the equipment that best suits the specific needs of each project. As we are not manufacturers or distributors of laser equipment, this allows us to have total freedom when working with different brands, always seeking the best result for our clients.

With all the data collected from the different laser equipment, and the results of the tests carried out, we select, together with our clients, the laser equipment that best suits them.


Stage 4: Factory implantation of a laser equipment

Once a laser equipment has been selected for a specific application, the next and last step in the process is the acquisition and implantation of the laser equipment in the factory.
In these cases we take care of all the necessary procedures between our clients and the manufacturers of the laser equipment. In this way, our clients receive specialized advice throughout the implementation process and reduce the time and effort invested.
Therefore, this stage marks the end of the project, and with it, the start of production with the laser equipment at our customers’ facilities.Soluciones_laser_7

Conclusions of implementation of laser solutions

At ATRIA Innovation we help companies with their projects related to laser technology, providing support whatever the stage of the project. This ranges from the initial idea of a possible new functionality, to the installation of a laser equipment in the facilities of our clients.
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