Are Artificial Vision Systems expensive?


It seems that there is a general thought that vision systems are expensive, that the concept of Industry 4.0 is already coming, but that it is still expensive and complicated, especially for SMEs and small businesses. But is this idea true? Does an artificial vision system really have a high cost?
Artificial vision is a technology that acquires, processes and analyzes images of the real world, in order to extract information so that it can be treated by a computer. The applications for which it is currently being used are endless, from quality departments to ensure that the end pieces lack bites, grazes, etc. to numerical code readings or checks on complex processes.
There are currently commercial solutions to these problems. Some brands such as Keyence and Cognex have systems installed in automotive factories. The problem is that these commercial solutions are not particularized to a problem, they are ample solutions that offer diverse options like detection of contours, reading of codes, measurement of color … but they do not focus on a single solution reason why its cost can be high .
From ATRIA we offer solutions of artificial vision totally “ad hoc” for the problem of our client. We use Open Source algorithms and our own development code to offer customized solutions, much cheaper than other commercial systems. For more complex applications, we have implemented systems with algorithms based on neural networks (neuronal networks, NN) that allow us to provide more robustness to our systems.



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