Prototype of laser micro-perforated steel filters



The client uses micro-perforated steel filters in its production process. These filters have a high cost, so you want to manufacture them in your facilities.


  • Characterize the current filter steel
  • Fabricate prototype microperforated discs
  • Prototype tests
  • Selection of laser equipment and industrialization.


ATRIA Solution

To start the project, the steel filters currently used by the client were characterized. Said characterization was carried out both chemically, to know the elemental composition of the steel, and mechanically, to know the hardness of said steel. With the results obtained, it was possible to determine the type of steel used by the supplier and the thermal treatments carried out on said steel. Additionally, the morphology and dimensions of the microperforations were characterized.

Once the characteristics of the filter were known, several prototypes were manufactured starting from steel sheets of the same type. For this, laser cut discs were prepared, with the same geometry as the filters currently used by the client.

In parallel, tests were carried out with several laser microperforation equipment (from different manufacturers) until the most suitable one was selected to replicate the current filters. These tests were carried out using small specimens, from which the microperforation parameters could be determined and optimized.

Finally, with the selected laser equipment, several prototypes of micro-perforated filters were prepared satisfactorily, which replicated those currently purchased. These prototype filters, with micro-perforations of 100 microns, were used by the client in their production process to verify that they worked. correctly.
Once correct operation has been verified, the laser equipment has been industrialized at our client’s facilities. For this, the laser microperforation equipment selected in the tests will be used, which will be integrated into the customer’s manufacturing process. During this industrialization process, ATRIA is accompanying the client, carrying out a turnkey project.