Cleaning product validation



The client has developed a new cleaning product for stainless steel, but does not know if it can have any kind of adverse effect on different types of steel, as well as the cleaning capacity on said types of steel.


Validate the cleaning product in order to check the behavior with stainless steels. In short, knowing the compatibility of the product developed by the client. and its cleaning capacity in said steels.

ATRIA Solution

Cleaner abandonment tests were carried out, leaving the product for long periods of time in contact with the different stainless steels.

Through a visual and colorimetric inspection, it was verified if, after the test, the surface of the steels had changed, due to damage, chemical reactions, discoloration, etc. It was determined that the new product did not negatively interact with the tested steels.

In parallel, cleaning tests were carried out, in which a representative stain to work with was determined. Through the use of an abrasimeter, the cleaning of stainless steels by users was simulated. Velocity and pressure were kept constant at each pass. By means of the number of passes necessary to clean the stains, the effectiveness and speed of cleaning the new product was compared with another reference product. Better cleaning results were obtained with the new product.

Finally, it was verified whether the anti-fingerprint properties of some of the steels were affected by the new cleaning product, so the samples, after being subjected to the previous tests, were also analyzed for the visibility of the fingerprints deposited on their surface. The result of the test showed that the visibility of the fingerprints was lower after using the new cleaning product, which favors the anti-fingerprint behavior of the tested steels.