Waste Valorization
Waste valorization engineering, “someone's waste, other's resources".

How can engineering and technology help the environment?

Reuse of waste and by-products has contributed significantly to the reduction of the impact that industry causes in the environment, making in this way, a more efficient use of the resources. We believe in “From waste to resources” philosophy, that solves the need of a storage place to displace waste and reduces the extraction of natural raw materials.
There is an important cost saving in transport and landfill disposal, but furthermore, an economic gain can be obtained when selling waste and by-products as raw materials to those industries who have interest in valorization.
Nowadays, the society values in a positive way those companies who are commitment with the environment. For this reason, waste valorization helps industry to enhance its brand image, especially for in those industrial sectors with a high ecological print.

Committed environmental engineering

New materials
Circular economy
Waste valorization is considered to be nowadays the most important alternative to landfill displacement, together with recycling, in developed countries which are committed with the environment. Waste valorization processes take advantage of waste to use them in new products or in other useful processes..
Industrial waste will no longer be considered as such, as it will be sent to another productive process as raw material. This new way of “recycling” reports to our clients an extra income due to the reduction of the waste management costs and the acquisition of the product by an external company. New materials based on waste can substitute expensive raw materials or those which are difficult to acquire because of regulations or depletion of natural resources.

Circular economy is an economic concept that proposes a new and environmentaly-responsible society model which makes an effective use of resources, lowering consumerism and waste of raw materials, water and natural resources. It is a circular model (not linear) based in the principle of “closing the life cycle” of products, services, waste, materials, water and energy. This means that what it is considered to be waste for one’s will turn into other’s resources. In this way, both environmental interests of society and economic interests of the industrial and waste generating sector are combined.

Our proposal of waste valorization or by-product solution

1. Chemical characterization of waste

In order to determine the best valorization path it is necessary to identify the composition of the waste. Therefore, firstly it is necessary to perform a complete chemical composition analysis and then study the possible valorization options according to it.

2. Regulations and standards research

We believe it is essential to consider the law in order to prevent possible administrative burdens in the future, when the valorization process will take place in an industrial scale. For this reason and along with the technical viability of the product, we study the current regulations which are applicable to the different valorization options.

3. Laboratory scale study of the products

We formulate the recipe for the manufacture of the new waste-based product, optimizing its composition, the productive process and the product’s final characteristics. We perform the necessary tests in order to obtain the material characterization and its physical and chemical properties.

4. Industrial process and strategic assistance

Once the technical feasibility is determined, industrialization is the next step. We lead the adaptation of the laboratory scale process to an industrial scale, and furthermore we search for potential clients for which might be profitable to incorporate the studied waste in their productive process.


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