Augmented Reality
Augmented reality let transmit extra information to the operator in real time Ergonomic and simple, providing a substantial improvement in cycle time and quality.

What can bring Augmented Reality System?

It is capable, through an appropriate interface, to project into the field of view of an operator instructions, head ups, alarms and all sorts of useful information to perform their work in an assembly line.

It can allow a professional hurl their work in a more ergonomic and easier way by providing the information that needs in a more convenient and efficient way. Eg reducing the number of physical devices that needs.

Using projections can warn of a hazard to an operator or user of a faster, allowing react to and prevent damage. Or designing visual elements informing restrictions or hazards change over time or are not consistent.

The projection of virtual reality information is a powerful tool that can be applied in numerous fields and products.

Types of Augmented Reality

Camera + projector
The required information is projected into reality through the use of a projector lamp or LED. It is the most comfortable for the user.
Camera + Portable display device
Widely used in products such as the iPad 'or' tablets'. The information is displayed by a display.
Camera + goggles or helmet
It is the most expensive and complex. The information can only be seen by the user.

Process that follows a system of augmented reality

The management and processing of information for augmented reality is an artificial vision system. The difference lies in the system outputs.

1. Image Acquisition

At first the system sensors (visual, infrared, magnetic field,…) acquire information from the outside, what we call 'image'.

2. Database reading

It is the memory system. It can be libraries, images, and patterns inter alia.. It finds the proper pattern to compare with the image.

3. Comparison

Suitable algorithms for each application are responsible to process image and pattern.

4. Reaction system and projection

According to the result of comparing it will create the system outputs that have been previously defined. Are projected on the given device depending on the type of augmented reality system that we are using


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