Micro and Nanostructuring
Micro and nanostructuring is modifying the topography of a surface to alter the wettability of that surface directly on it without intermediate coatings.

What real advantages micro and nanostructuring has?

More durable than coatings
The functional properties are in the substrate itself.
Problems are avoided
Avoids potential problems with adherence, abrasion, resistance to chemicals.
More efficient
Environmentally more efficient because the use of solvents is avoided.

In nature there is the phenomenon of superhydrophobicity and superhydrophilicity:



These effects are favorable for many processes:

And in the case of micro and nanostructuring are going to get through physical changes in rugosity: height, width, spacing and shape of the motifs that are designed.

Through which technique you can achieve?

Traditionally it has worked in Silicon, but in ATRIA we know how to work with other materials:

Stainless Steel
And more materials ...

Some real samples made by ATRIA

AFM stainless steel microstructuring by photolithography and ion milling.



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