The Computer Vision allows to provide senses, perception and information to factories systems so they can make decisions or perform processes automatically.

We develop solutions based on advanced customized

computer vision for each specific problem or application case.

We perform from the design stage to its implementation.

2D Vision

With 2D vision we can implement applications for character recognition, metrology or code reading, among others.


The thermographic images allow to detect situations that at first sight are not visible. For example tanks levels, leaks or load imbalance.

Hyperspectral Vision

The interaction of infrared light with matter allows obtaining information about the composition and its properties. It is used especially in food quality control.

3D Vision

3D vision is used in pieces picking or defect detection applications. There are also, different 3D reconstruction technologies that allow us to adapt to each application.

Our solutions combine computer vision, deep learning algorithms and neuronal networks to generate a robust system

Computer vision appplications

Code Reader / Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

It is possible to obtain information from an alphanumeric code through images. Also, it is possible to read characters and , this sytem is very useful to digitize information or improve traceability in production processes. We use our own systems with artificial intelligence that adapt to each specific case, which makes them much more flexible.

Advanced pattern recognition

Objects , and pieces of many types can be located . Previously, an algorithm capable of recognizing them in any of the possible positions is trained (rotated, turned, moved, etc). It is very useful for locating complex shapes. It is used in location, tracking or intrusion detection applications.

Metrology and fault detection

Through computer vision, very precise measurement applications can be implemented. There are specific cameras with micron precision at great distances from the object. In this way it is possible to measure online and automatically. The cycle times of these processes are usually below the second. For each application we select the optics, camera and computer unit necessary to meet the accuracy requirements, repeatability and cycle time required .

3D Reconstruction

3D cameras allow, through different technologies, the reconstruction of objects in three dimensions. It allows to measure distances between different planes of a same piece or calculate depths. It is used in the detection of defects, burrs, cracks, pitting.

Robotics + Computer vision

The cameras provide 'intelligence' to the robotic arms. In this way, changing processes can be automated, or with much variability. They adapt to the modifications and are able to react autonomously to them.

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