Robotics is a technology that allows repetitive processes, dangerous or non-ergonomic for workers

More common applications in robotics

Processes automation
Vision integration
Consists of picking up a piece, translation to a different position with a determined orientation and final position. This kind of tasks are very repetitive and sometimes non-ergonomic, and may produce injuries to workers. Therefore, this tasks are usually automatized with robotic arms.
Not only picking, also other processes like screwing pieces, welding, printing with inkjet, … These processes usually highlight because of its complexity or its repeatability, so they are automatically performed by a robotic arm.
In more complex processes with high variability, robotic arms and artificial vision systems are combined. The final setting in these processes is done by a vision system so, despite having pieces with different shapes or variable positions, the system is able to self-modify and adapt itself to working conditions.
Assembly robots: Assembly lines are constituted by a single or several robotic arms, that work together to assemble different pieces into a final item. Assembly save workers from tedious jobs, also can increase production speed and consistency.

Types of robotic arms for industry

1. Industrial Robotics

Multitask robots for processes automation. Unlike collaborative robots, they are able to lift heavy weights and can be found in a wide range of dimensions. On the other hand, they need strict security measures: fenced, detection sensors, among others.

2. Collaborative Robotics

These new kind of robots have the capacity to work closely with humans, even collaborating with them. This is possible thanks of they are aware of their environment and the main rule in their design is the security of the humans. These robots don’t need all the security measures that are necessary with industrial robotic arms.



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