Which services do we offer?

The flexibility one of our distinguising features. Our services cover all project phases. Always adapting to our client
State of the art search
It consists in collecting existing information of a technique, technology or materials and in which sectors is applied
Proof of concept
Making of laboratory tests of techniques or technologies to assess their applicability
Materials characterization
Tests to determine materials properties according to the fixed requirements
Industrial scaling up
Process to scale up a technique or technology from laboratory to an industrial environment
Define the equipment and processes necessary to implement in a plant a process or technology
Process modernization
Study all options to substitute a technique or technology to improve its performance
Materials development
Design of new materials with properties that adapts to defined requirements
Technical support
Monitoring and support in the implementation of a technique, process or technology introduced in the client installations.

State of art search
The state of the art should be the starting point of any research or design of a new industrial process or product in which there is no enough previous experience

It consists in collecting and analyzing existing information about the topic of interests. All sectors in which a determined technology or process are used will be studied with the objective of knowing the different companies and techniques implied. Our sources are:

  • ATRIA’s know-how and its Network
  • Patents
  • Scientific articles
  • Projects and Thesis
  • Databases
  • Partnerships, Associations and Clusters

Proof of concept

Fulfilment of tests or studies that can provide the necessary information to make the correct decision to invest or not in a technique or technology

They are defined and specific tets with the objective to give response to the existing doubts about a technique or technology. In this way risk in the decision making is reduced, unnecessary or low productive investments are avoided. In the proof of concept it is done:

  • Definition of the scope applicability of a technology or technique
  • Characterization tests
  • Laboratory scale tests
  • Supplier tests
  • Prototyping

Materials materials

Knowing in a measurable and precise way materials properties that are part of a process or product. Measuring phenomena related with materials science, such as corrosion, adhesion and fatigue

The precise, objective and repeteable characterization of a material is vital for the quality control of product and processes. Within this service there are also included the substitution or improvement of no measurable techniques by the development of new characterization tecniques for the control or product and processes. The main properties that are characterized are:

  • Mechanical properties
  • Chemical properties
  • Optical propertics
  • Other specific properties of the material, adapted to client needs

Industrial scaling up

It is the process that transform a technique that has yielded positive results in laboratory in a technology applicable to an industrial environment.

It is the natural step after a validation process or a proof of concept of a technique or technology. It usually involves the re-design of the laboratory prototypes or pilot plants. It consists also in the search and selection of components, installations and equipments in industrial suppliers. Most common actions are:

  • Scaling up dimensions of installation
  • Cycle time reduction
  • Process automatization
  • Adapting processes to new conditions


The selected technologies or techniques are usually used in production environment according to the characteristics and needs of the client by defining facilities and specific processes

A selection of suppliers is done according to the characteristics of the project and the client. Together final installations are defined and designed. Most common characteristics that need to be defined in this kind of services are:

  • Productivity, cost and dimensions
  • Suppliers features
  • Technical assistance needed
  • Automation

Process modernization

It consists in the replacement of traditional technologies by the most advanced available technologies with the objective of obtaining higher performance and efficiency

Once technology or technique that it is to be replaced is selected ATRIA performs a thorough study to analyze the possibilities of substitution as weel as the competitive advantages gained with the new technology. The desired objectives are:

  • Process digitalization
  • Cost reduction and process integration
  • 4.0. Industry and robotization
  • Introduction of visión systems

Materials materials

Design of materials with desired properties. It can be a modification of the current client material to substitution by other materials to provide new functionalities

After defining the requirements of the new desired material all the available possibilities for industrial applications or prototypes are studied. The requirements can range from:

  • Improvement of traditional properties: hardness, weight reduction, elasticity, etc.
  • Thermochromic, hydrochromic, electrochromic materials
  • Memory shape materials
  • Design of multilayer structures with different properties
  • Cost reduction
  • Ecological footprint reduction

Technical support

Fully adapted Service to Customer needs to solve any problema or need arising after the launch of a process or technology
We believe that the support during the first months of operation of a new technology in a production environment is vital. Therefore adaptation to unexpected events and maintenance can be carried out effectively. During that time all our know-how about the process or technology is available to our client until it is completely transferred



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