Waste Sorting

Go one step further in automatic waste sorting thanks to AI and machine vision.


The AI and Computer Vision: Allies in Automatic Waste Sorting

Waste management, and in particular waste sorting, is one of the biggest problems in today’s society. It is becoming increasingly difficult to manage all the waste and rubbish generated in both urban and industrial areas.

Before any waste can be recycled, separation and sorting processes must be carried out, and this is where AI and machine vision become very useful tools for the automation and optimisation of these processes. 
An optimised sorting process can be applied to all types of waste and increases the amount of potentially recyclable waste, thereby reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill.

At ATRIA we apply this technology to develop sorting algorithms that can act at different stages of the separation and sorting process.


Artificial intelligence for the environment

We help companies manage their waste more efficiently. Our automatic sorting algorithms, based on artificial intelligence, can be applied to all types of waste. In addition, we design the installation to be easily integrated into the production area.

Technology adapted to every need

We adapt the technology to each case to offer customised solutions. We develop specialised algorithms based on real data to obtain accurate and reliable results.

02. Completa-CR


Our sorting algorithms can be used in a wide range of specific applications.



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