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Quality at your fingertips

Recognizing the importance of choosing the right test is crucial to ensuring the quality of your products. That’s why our experts will guide you in selecting the test that best suits your needs, considering your product’s characteristics and application requirements.

We have a wide range of equipment for conducting material tests, such as accelerated aging tests, lifespan tests, or functionality tests.

Our priority is to assist you in ensuring that your products meet the highest quality standards.


Your materials, time-proof

We carry out accelerated ageing tests to simulate the wear that your material will undergo during its useful life.

We know the importance of choosing the right test to guarantee the quality of your products. Therefore, our experts will advise you to choose the test that best suits your needs, as well as using, if necessary, standardised regulations.

Discover the durability of your products

We characterise the properties of your material before and after the accelerated ageing test to ensure it will withstand the conditions it will be subjected to.

Our experts help you interpret the results so you can make the best decision for your project.

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Our laboratory equipment

We have specialized equipment to simulate the accelerated aging of your material or product, ensuring that it will withstand the conditions to which it will be subjected.

Quality testing applications

We conduct material tests to simulate the wear and behavior your material will experience during its lifespan.

We offer a wide range of tests, including customized ones, to help you understand how your material behaves under various conditions.



Your success is our goal. We want to be your partner in the development of your projects, leveraging the power of innovation, flexibility, and the trust we provide. Together, we make a difference through new technologies.

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