Smart Materials

Materials respond to the environment intelligently.


The new materials revolution

Smart materials are able to respond in a controlled manner to different external stimuli. They can change colour, shape, size, viscosity, crystallographic arrangement or opacity when exposed to changes in temperature, humidity, chemical composition, pressure, pH, electric current or magnetic fields.
We select, apply and test the most innovative smart materials for your surface.


Selection and Application of Smart Materials

At ATRIA, we help you incorporate smart materials into your products and processes.

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Types of Smart Materials

We develop smart materials that change their properties with the appropriate stimulus.

Capable of changing color in response to the following stimuli:
Capable of emitting light in response to an external stimulus:
Capable of altering their morphology in response to a stimulus:

Applications of new materials to meet your needs

At present, there are many types of smart materials, which allow for a wide range of applications.

Here are some of the most interesting applications of smart materials:



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