Surface functionalisation, a new horizon for materials.

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The magic of materials functionalisation

The functionalisation of materials allows us to modify their properties in a controlled manner. In this way, we can improve their performance and broaden their areas of application.

At ATRIA, we use different technologies for surface functionalisation, such as coatings, laser microstructuring or additivation. Thanks to these technologies, we can achieve different types of functionalities.

Our experience in the functionalisation of materials allows us to select the technology that best suits the needs of our customers, taking into account the starting material, the production process and the customer’s requirements.

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Types of functional surfaces

At ATRIA, we have experience in achieving various types of functionalities for your surface:

The proprietary methodology of functionalization

With the aim of choosing the best technology to functionalize a material, we take into account the desired functionality, the starting material, and the production process. For this, we follow a methodology that allows us to select the most suitable technology.

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Our laboratory team

We work with different technologies to modify the surface properties of materials. In this way, we can obtain the functionality that best suits each case.

With laser technology, we can create textures on the surface of materials in a precise way. These microstructures, inspired by nature, can be created directly or indirectly (IMM and R2R) enhancing the properties of the material.
Functional coatings are chemical compounds that are placed on a material to give it new properties or desired functionalities. They can be applied in a variety of ways.
In addition to laser technology and coatings, we can apply other technologies to achieve the functionalisation of a material.

Applications of materials functionalisation

Materials functionalisation allows us to modify the properties of materials to improve their performance in a wide range of applications.



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