In ATRIA we adapt to our customer R&D needs, doing allways innovation and research useful and profit-earning for companies

Through the projects with ATRIA it is possible to save by using new materials and new industrial processes. In ATRIA Innovation will make the whole study, what equipment/ coating/ equipment you need, what parameters and even install it in your factory if so you desire.

Also, other form of saving is the noneed of an own R&D department to know whether a technology will be useful or not. A development may consist of only a couple of months or weeks, not years and also varies the number of people needed for the project. All this may do some companies to think that they do not have the resources to innovate and withATRIA that can change.

The most efficient factories and business so they are because they perform improve studies and apply the latest research.


When ATRIA performs a R&D work we identify very well the needs of customers. On that way we do not use more resources than necessary, neither ATRIA or customer. If we have clear goals and what we want to obtain from a R&D development we can correctly identify the work plan or reorient, allowing to not spend unnecessary time and resources.

Many of our developments are aimed to reduce manufacturing cycle time. With systems such as artificial vision, laser technology etc., we can reduce the number of processes required or even perform them faster.

Technologies and knowledge we dominate are at the forefront of technology and science. We believe that many of these technologies that are already available for industrialization, are not implemented in our factories because of ignorance or lack of resources to study and prospect them.

With the innovation and technology that dominates, ATRIA not only seeks improve products but enlarge for our customers the markets they can access. For example perhaps now you make windows, but why don't make self-cleaning windows that clean themselves with rainwater? Surely your market expands and new business opportunities arise.

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Application of New Technologies
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