Testing products laboratory

The forensic engineering is a science that studies the facts related to failures, incidents or anomalous behaviors, in order to locate and identify the cause of the problem.

Chemical and mechanical analysis

Validation and testing of prototypes

Specific tool design

Simulation of conditions

In ATRIA we offer a personalized research service to test your products, identify possible failures, detect defective materials, damage, or simulate extreme conditions of use or transportation

Failures analysis

There are many causes why a product can give unexpected failures during its handling in the manufacturing process, its transport or even during the use made by the user.

It is a priority to determine the quality of the product, investigate the origin of the failure and determine the possible causes.

Life and aging tests

The launch of a product in a new market or the transport of it to a new destination under unusual conditions, may affect the characteristics and behavior of the product.

The simulation of environmental conditions and use, and the evaluation of benefits, allows the anticipation of possible failures that can take place, or determine the damage that could suffer a product throughout its useful life.

Characterization and chemical composition

We perform characterization tests on any material or product to evaluate its quality and its physical, chemical, mechanical and thermal properties.

Progressivelost of properties, fractures or defects.

Quality analysis providers.

Investigation of new raw materials and materials.

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