We help our clients find new business opportunities from recycling and the valorization of materials

Spain generates 129 million waste per year. Valorisation decreases the final amount of waste generated and contributes to reducing the impact caused by industrial activity on the environment.

A waste can stop being considered as such and become part of another productive process, it can have a second life. This is known as the Circular Economy and is based on the principle of "closing the life cycle" of products.

In advanced countries and aware of sustainability, society values the environmental awareness of companies with the environment in a highly positive way.

At ATRIA, we help companies to reduce their ecological footprint and make their innovation and circular economy projects possible

Waste valorization engineering

What we do

  • We promote the reuse and recycling of waste and by-products in new products and processes.

  • We transform waste into recycled materials

  • We adapt industrial processes to reduce the generation of waste and transform waste into useful materials.

  • We create business opportunities from the recycling of materials

Committed environmental engineering

How we do

  • We help companies to know the waste potential that they generated.
  • We advise companies on the opportunities for the recovery of their waste and by-products.
  • We reduce the amount of waste generated by optimizing industrial processes
  • We characterize the waste in the laboratory and study its physical and chemical properties as recycled materials.
  • We analize the techanical feasibility of the use of recycled materials and waste in the manufacture of products.

“The waste of some are resources for others”

We believe in recycling and valorization as a basis to design and manufacture more sustainable products and make industrial processes more efficient..

At ATRIA we apply R&D to the Circular Economy and we offer companies a global service so that they can carry out their most sustainable projects

Learn more about how we work

We carry out technical and commercial feasibility studies to analyze the potential of a waste and the possible ways of recovery. And the most important, we answer your questions.



To determine where or for what a waste or by-product can be used, it is necessary to know its composition. Therefore, first it is necessary to carry out a characterization and analysis of the chemical composition to evaluate its properties,..

Its viable?

Technical feasibility study

We look for applications, identify opportunities and perform a diagnosis of possible ways of recovery. We study the transformation process or the adaptation of the technology to reintroduce the waste in the value chain

Can we prove it?

Concept tests and prototypes

We prepare the recipe to manufacture the new product and we test it. We put at your disposal our laboratory to carry out concept tests, demonstrators and prototypes,…

Do we need partners?

Strategic support and synergies

We help you to establish collaborations and synergies to industrialize the project, n the search for business partners, suppliers and potential customers to which it is beneficial to incorporate this waste into your production process.

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