Superhydrophobic coatings

Today we want to get closer to another of the innovative advances that we work on Atria Innovation and we consider of great interest: superhydrophobic coatings, used mainly to create surfaces that repel water and other liquids and thus prolong the useful life of many materials.

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Are expensive vision systems??

It seems that there is a general thought that vision systems are expensive, that the concept of Industry 4.0 is already coming, but that it is still expensive and complicated, especially for SMEs and small businesses. But is this idea true? Does an artificial vision system really have a high cost?

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Augmented Reality for your company

The last CES (Consumer Electronic Show) edition has show us that the Augmented Reality, a technology part of Industry 4.0, is booming. It is very popular the applications of Augmented Reality oriented to the final customer for consumer products, as tablets, mobile phones, videogames, etc. Its application in Industry is more unknown, but this technology will have a very important role in the increment of factories productivity and quality in a future that every day is closer.

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Is finished the coding??

It’s possible that some of you would have programmed writing code, others maybe never. After projects like Arduino brings to us, we can say that it is possible that in future it will not be necessary writing high level code, everything will get much easier!.

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Programmable protections for robots

Some of you will remember self-assembly and programmable materials from an older post, well, today we want to show you the ultimate broadcast news presented by MIT CSAIL (Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory) researchers: “Programmable Viscoelastic Material” (PVM). This material allows 3D-printed objects with programmable hardness and elasticity, furthermore, users will be the ones who programme their own inventions according to their needs. You will only need a 3D-printer to build your object with a similar process based in additive manufacturing, that consists on depositing droplets of different materials (different mechanical properties) in a multilayer structure until the design is completed.

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