Laser vs pad printing

Laser marking is sometimes called “laser screen printing”, “laser printing” or even “laser pad printing”, but the truth is laser technology has nothing to do with these traditional technics. Some of you have asked us about the advantages of laser over others, as pad printing or screen printing, and we want to share with all of you in this post the answer to this question.

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Applications of laser technology – Part 1

Laser technology is far from fiction and lightsaber duels from Star Wars movies; many applications are already developed, but furthermore, new uses and utilities are been continuously discovered. Besides common industrial uses like cutting, perforating, welding, marking and decorating numerous materials, lasers have other less-known applications. We will look at some of those applications in this post, focusing in those directly related with us, humans.

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Pulsed Laser Ablation.. DIPLAT

The European Project DIPLAT, “Enabling advanced functionalities of Diamond and other ultra-hard materials by Integrated Pulsed Laser Ablation Technologies”, consist on the application of pulsed laser ablation technologies for the fabrication of high performance tools.

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