Factories of the future: modular assemblying by Audi

Automated guided vehicles that transport vehicles, robots that provide logistic support, bionic robots that assemble all kinds of components, collaborative robots, Google glasses, augmented reality and 3D printers for complex shapes and lighter materials. This is the new Audi Factory in Ingolstadt. It is the “factory of the future”.

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Are dual cameras the future on smartphones?

From ATRIA, today we would like to show you a current issue that is beginning to be shown in high-end mobile phones, introducing 2 cameras in the device. A lot of smartphone manufacturers use their ingenuity to increase their cameras quality, but the market leads to thinner devices. This fact prevents to add more sensors or bigger lenses because these increase the thickness. The photographic improvements seem to be frozen… at least until now. Madness or genius?

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POKEMON GO and Augmented Reality

Today we are going to talk about the most fashionable app, something that is impossible to ignore in the last days, it is the phenomenon that is revolutionizing the world of mobile applications and taking closer augmented reality to our smartphones.

It is impossible to escape of it: Pokemon GO is everywhere. It has driven Nintendo growth in stock exchanges and it has made possible that most sedentary people will do exercise going along the streets looking for pokemons in their neighbourhoods.

It is an example of how augmented reality is used for leisure and from ATRIA we invite you to incorporate it in your factories and companies as a Industry 4.0. tool.

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Printing of artificial organs

As we promised some posts ago, today we are going to talk about 3D printing of artificial organs.
Princeton Univer¬sity and Johns Hopkins University had printed an ear from different materials: a hydrogel to form an ear-shaped scaffold, cells that will grow to form cartilage, and silver nanoparticles to form an antenna.

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