Nuestros materiales en la campaña de Nescafé y DEC BBDO

How excited we were to tell you about our work with DEC BBDO and Nescafé! As you know almost all our projects are super confidential and we can not tell you about them but in this case it is an advertising project so the more people know it the better 🙂

The idea came from the hand of DEC BBDO, great professionals of Marketing and Advertising, who thought about our hydrochromic and thermochromic materials for the campaign of Nescafe ‘Decaffeine only with water’, and is that you knew that the
decaffeinated of Nescafé is decaffeinated only with water? Great!, true?

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Aragon Radio interview

On December 2 we had the opportunity to participate in the Channel Entrepreneur program of Aragon Radio to speak about what we do and what is our philosophy: to help SMEs to develop products and processes thanks to new materials and technologies. We will do all the tests you need in our laboratory! Do you want to listen it? Keep reading…

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What is the State-of-the-art?

Many of you will have listen that before starting any innovation project you have to make an State-of-the-art, but what does it mean? that we go to an art center? No! It is the current technological state, better right?

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What is contact angle?

Contact angle is the shape that a liquid takes when it is in contact with a solid. You might have listen talking about superhydrophobic and superhydrophilic surfaces and in today’s post we are going to explain in detail in which consists.

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