ATRIA is awarded with the Corporate Social Responsability Award of Aragon Region (CSR)

In recent times we have heard a lot about the concept of “Corporate Social Responsability” in the business sector. We tell you what it is and how it is carried out


The RSA (Social Responsibility of Aragon) is a tool whose purpose is to minimize the negative impact of companies on areas such as labor and social rights and environmental.

In ATRIA Innovation we are so proud to have obtained the Aragon Community Corporate Social Responsability stamp.

The main objective pursued by corporate social responsibility is to maximize the positive impact generated by good practices carried out in the different fields in which the company has relationship.

The company can guide its responsible practices both inside and outside of it. The external practices cover issues of respect, for example, towards the environment.

The forests works as a lung that renews our air and capture the carbon dioxide produced in each of our daily activities. For this reason, we are very aware and we try to contribute by carrying out reforestation activities to compensate for the carbon footprint produced throughout the year.

* At Atria Innovation we are dedicated to bringing R & D closer to both SMEs lacking this department and to multinationals in specific technologies in which they have no experience. Request information at:

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