What is Atria Innovation?
ATRIA Innovation has a professional team that ensures that your project works.

About Us

We offer solutions, alternatives, new technologies and investigate with you in novel and ingenious options.

ATRIA Innovation arises from the union of two engineers of materials from R&D sector of an important multinational company which they continue collaborating.

Our Target

We offer various services that suit your needs.

Atria is a company dedicated to improving and optimizing the resources are invested to achieve a business objective. We study, analyze and share different improvements that can be implemented to optimize the productivity of a company.

Which we do?

Our work is based on meeting our customer. We like to see close up, ask and work with your company to offer you the work package and the level of technology you need.

Reputed and experienced professionals

Atria is a company that combines expertise in research, specific training and skills development for multinationals. All this knowledge has allowed the foundation of a new project.

We test and develop the latest technologies

Thanks to our extensive Network, we can carry out test processes of complex materials. From the implementation of these into systems to research of new technologies.

  • Technology Research (State of the art)
  • Test materials
  • Extensive network of contacts

We want to grow with you

We seek carry out any project, idea or concept. We work so that developments have an adequate end and new technologies and materials be implemented so that improve our lives .

In permanent growing : We are constantly progress, developing and recycling. Every year appear new technologies and materials we use for our tests and processes, we are constantly learning.

We work in all Europe

We work with companies and collaborate with institutions from all Europe, moving if necessary to any work or visit. Although our work focuses mainly on Europe, we collaborate with companies in America.

  • Spain
  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • USA

We work in different countries

We work globally in an industry that is constantly evolving



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