ATRIA Innovation is a new philosophy of R&D, we seek custom solutions to specific problems of today.

We innovate in the product and process planning in the future.
Technology Transfer Center
Our collaborative network of research centers, companies and financial institutions, seeks an efficient management of the process of knowledge transfer.
Your R&D department
ATRIA is your R&D department. We carry out the study of technologies that can be adapted to your company to take it to the next level.
Your Technology Consultant
We assist any company or entity that wants to know the real application of a technology on the market. We support your sustainable growth.
Continuous Innovation
We work in the industry every day, innovating and discovering in real-time technologies used in the market. We are constantly developing and growing.
Solving real problems
We seek solutions to specific problems in the present, innovating on the responses and the product thinking in the future.
We improve your company
We work with you to improve your business in five aspects: Saving, Efficiency, Productivity, Innovation and Market. We optimize the productivity of your processes.

Latest news

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