Robotik, künstliche Intelligenz und die Zukunft der Beschäftigung

We are often faced with the discussion about the threat of robotics and artificial intelligence in terms of the disappearance of jobs. Where are we going? What are the forecasts for the near future?

The labor market is changing by leaps and bounds due to the emergence of technology and machines in the labor market, and the expectation is that its involvement will be greater. What for some may be a threat, is for others an opportunity as technologies are opening the door to a new job market 4.0.


The so-called “Industrial Revolution 4.0” (named after the World Economic Forum in Davos) is here. In general, it won’t mean the disappearance of the vast majority of jobs as such, but a redefinition of the same and the roles of workers (new categories of employment), as well as a transformation of business processes, as explained by the Association of Companies of Electronics, Information Technologies, Telecommunications and Digital Content.

Companies should consider a new relationship between workers and robots, in which both work together (collaborative robotics) rather than one becoming a substitute for others, creating new opportunities in sectors such as services, logistics and distribution. The “creative works” – which can not be anticipated or fully automated – will be those that are less affected by the arrival of robotics.

amenaza de la robotica e inteligencia artificial para ello empleo


The evolution of artificial intelligence, robotics and biotechnology are a major breakthrough in the labor market but can also be seen as a threat to many jobs.

According to Michael Obsorne and Carl Frey of the University of Oxford, 47% of jobs can be considered a high risk of being automated in the next 10-20 years.

Some of the jobs that may be affected are administrative work, accounting, direct attention to the public, transportation, construction, banking, etc., with jobs that may even disappear, such as agents Of travel (being replaced by websites with robots developed with artificial intelligence to assist the traveler), bank tellers (with more automated operations) or teleoperators (replaced by chatbots), among others.

amenaza de la robotica e inteligencia artificial para ello empleo

For the moment, the debate is still on the air as there is still time and, above all, a lot of data to analyze in order to respond forcefully on how the future will be with these new technological advances that not only improve our quality of life and efficiency in They are also introducing new consumption habits, new business processes and new jobs that will affect to a greater or lesser extent in certain sectors and functions.

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