El futuro de la energía solar

Are this cells the futur of solar energy?

At ATRIA Innovation we are experts in new materials and we like to keep abreast of new discoveries.

Today we bring a new technology that can revolutionize the world of solar energy: transparent cells.

These transparent cells are capable of turning windows into solar panels. Recently, researchers at Michigan State University have analyzed the potential of these cells and have shown that by capturing invisible light, cells are able to provide a potential similar to a solar panel.

The system on which these transparent cells are based is the use of organic molecules, developed by researchers at the University of Michigan State, which absorb the invisible wavelengths of sunlight. These materials can be adjusted to get absorbed only the wavelengths of near infrared and ultraviolet that are responsible for converting this energy into electricity.

The long-term goal of these transparent cells is to be one step closer to reducing the consumption of fossil fuels. It currently represents one third of its global potential, since the energy storage of cells must be improved.

In short, this technology offers a promising future for low-cost solar energy on previously inaccessible surfaces.


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