We participated in DALE LA VUELTA WOMENTECK, together with 5 successful women entrepreneurs who work in the innovation world.

Last week we were at the DALE LA VUELTA WOMENTECK event, organized by the Riojana Foundation for Innovation and the Women, Science and Technology Association, at the Technological Center of La Rioja.

These days (which are already in their 5th edition!) Bring together women entrepreneurs who work in the world of technology and innovation. DALE LA VUELTA is the speaker of those women who at one point decided to give a turn to their professional career, and today they want to share their story to encourage future entrepreneurs.

Our colleague Esther opened the conference with the history of ATRIA but there were also other great protagonists: Eva Dominguez, director of INTERGRAre, a consultancy dedicated to the areas of environment, food safety and quality; Cristina Balbás founder of EscuelaLab, a project aimed at bringing the world of research and science closer to the youngest, Carmen Nalda, who together with her sister, created the catering service Cookinshop, Francisca Benito, Director of Personas y Estrategia, consultant of search and selection of personnel and management of RRHH, and Eva Yanguas, a gemologist jeweler who has decided to give a radical change to her life to turn escalation into her passion.

All the beginnings are difficult and proof of this were the stories of the protagonists who told us how they faced the challenge of transforming an idea into a business model. And without a doubt, the success of all the projects lies largely in the passion of the protagonists for what they do.

We hope our stories serve to open the way for future WOMENTECK, young students and future entrepreneurs who are thinking of wanting to take new paths and explore their concerns, especially in our field of engineering, research and science.

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